I didn’t think I needed to be reminded of the validity of my dreams.

I give myself confidence boosts daily and my confidence was brimming as I drove into Long Beach for the We All Grow Summit. In Year 2 of blogging and Year 2 of being part of this empowering network, I felt like I could walk a little taller.

Nevertheless, I arrived hungry for inspiration. Hungry for confirmation that I am on the right path.

So what kind of reminders did I receive?

  1. Greatness Takes Time– I’m not naïve to the struggles of all the inspiring presenters. I don’t know their full story but I know they sat where I am sitting now. I’m still a pup in this game. The goals I set for this year are similar to dreams that are currently coming true for them. Even if this year’s goal falls flat, I should consider it as a seed. When we plant seeds in our gardens, their beauty and growth take time to bloom. One of the first presenters said it beautifully. She said that when you have years of struggle but finally reach a goal, “It’s like finally picking the fruit of something you planted 3 years ago.” We have to remain patient with the seeds of our dreams. Click To Tweet Spend these patient months and years watering your dreams. Water them. Protect them.
  2. Sigue Adelante (Keep Going)! – Fashion vlogger, Glency Feliz, reminded us to just keep going. We need to stop selling ourselves short and just go out and do it. Pitch those brands. Build that website. Keep being real and quirky with our audience. Personally, I need to keep my eyes off distractions. This doesn’t mean I’ll be giving up my activist ways, but my business could benefit from spending my time better. Most conferences I attend ask bloggers to circle back to Square 1. It’s easy to fall into the trap of shiny new objects and forget our oh-so important to-do lists. Am I guilty of this? Every damn day, if we’re being honest.
  3. Pick Your Passion – I attended a social change seminar with panelists who are dedicated to causes in our community. It can be overwhelming to get disrupted by every battle. Every day can be a new battle, whether in the world or in your life. If you’re undecided about your next move in life, come back to your passions or values. Martin Llorens, fashion, life and inspirational stylist, also spoke to the crowd about waking up our call to action. He asked, “What is your role in your life and in your society?” If you feel unimportant, you’re not. We all have a role. When we tap into that purpose, it’s easier to navigate our lives. Martin told us, “There is no time for doubt or excuses.” What excuses are you making that are driving you away from your passion? Click To Tweet

The beauty of living a life of “focusing on me” allows me to stay humble and aware of what I need. I know what to ask for in this business and I trust the Universe will deliver. I’ll always arrive with a hunger. As I overheard at one of the presentations, “Once your feet lose contact with the floor, you lose everything.”

My feet may have briefly floated off the ground this last weekend but I attribute it to vibrating at a higher frequency. When you absorb the energy of sisterhood, togetherness and betterment for our world, you can only fly high. The message behind this mural says it all: Alas Para Volar (Wings To Fly).




What reminders do you need to help your dreams take flight?