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Is Your Life In Line With Your Values?

This post deserves to be brought back to the surface in light of thoughts that are weighing heavy on my mind.

Where is our attention going? Why are people unaware of what they’re voting for? Why has the world come to a point of “Enough is Enough?” Let’s take another look at this post about values and see where you stand!

Do you feel that life has become chaotic?

Are you out of focus and forgetting to do too many things?

As you know, this blog’s purpose is to help you bring more focus back on yourself and your priorities.

Here are some tips that you can continually use to help keep your life in check. I suggest doing this once a month or every 3 months, depending on your needs.


List your top 4 values:

(for instance, the things that are most important in your life. This doesn’t mean honesty, integrity, etc. These are more tangible.)






Do you have your list?

Now look at your daily and weekly schedule.

Does your list of values reflect how you spend your time?

This may be troubling to look at. This list may cause you to feel angry at yourself. Please don’t beat yourself up. I have been to social worker conferences where they ask US this question and the crowd goes silent.

We are all guilty of getting distracted or consumed by unnecessary things. Click To Tweet

– Did you mention “family” but you haven’t called or visited a certain family member in weeks or months? Do you miss out on holidays with your family but you spend money and vacation time on other events?

– Did you identify spirituality or your Higher Power as a value but you haven’t participated in any spiritual practice in months?

– Do all the kids’ activities consume too much family time? Is there an activity that can be deleted or toned down? Is there room for adjustments? When was the last time you asked your kids (depending on their age) if they truly enjoy these activities? Parents can fall into auto-pilot and may not realize that their kids are burnt out too.


What type of adjustments will you make this week?










  1. This is really solid and something I try to do regularly. It’s funny how us therapists often struggle with following our own advice. Though it is something I have strived to do, and thankfully have mostly done throughout the years.

    • I feel that if therapists aren’t advocating for our own self-care, the risks are damaging to our clients. Hey, we’re human too but we have a special relationship with clients. We deserve a break too! Thank you for commenting!

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