This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend my first blogging conference. Two weeks into blogging and I was diving right in! Thanks to my blogging fairy who blessed me with these tickets!! (*wink wink*)

As I sat well prepared with a notebook and iPad, I figured I could look at this venture in two ways: be intimidated or inspired. There was technical jargon being tossed around, some of which I was still getting accustomed to. Auto responders, backfill, media kits, RSS, branding….I could go on and on. By the way, I still don’t understand what XML Sitemaps are! Nevertheless, as I met veteran bloggers I remembered that they once sat in my seat. I looked around the room and thought of how far they have come. The majority of these blogging pros are parents FIRST! And they successfully manage blogs/brands/businesses. I can barely adjust to a jumpy new beagle who demands attention during twitter chats!


I reminded myself that “I can do this.” I’m sitting in a room full of people who were once newbies like me. I count my blessings that many of them were so welcoming and willing to help me out with my new site.

conference pic



Our inner chats, or self-talk, are so vital to our growth. It’s the inner coach that helps us when we go out on a limb. How have we made it through past challenges? How did we talk ourselves through those challenges?


Can you remember a time when you successfully took a risk?

 If you struggle with self-doubt, remind yourself of your strengths. Parents and adults encourage children to take risks all the time. Try out for this team. Stand in front of that store and sell cookies to strangers. Sign up for that event at school. Run for class president. Talk to yourself like you would talk to your child, or any child.


I’m sitting here taking risks every day and every time I write to my readers. It might be less intimidating to post blindly to the Internet and social media, but it’s a risk. I knew absolutely nothing about WordPress, Jetpack, SEO and permalinks two weeks ago. But here I am. Going to college was a risk. Moving away from home at 18 to attend college was a risk. Living out of state and away from family was a risk. Licensing exams are risks. I made it through with very few battle wounds. But I am stronger because of those risks. My mom and family prepared me throughout my childhood to be able to manage those risks, just as many of you prepare your children as well.


What would you do if you were not afraid?

What do you have to lose? (Possible journal prompts…hint hint)


Think about those inner chats and the strengths that keep you pushing forward today. Change your self-doubt to self-determination. I’m determined that if I can survive writing a Master’s Thesis, I can figure out XML whatchamacallits!


Have a soothing inner chat with yourself during a silent moment this week.

Incorporate this into your spiritual practice or along side journaling….