Does your self-talk sound critical and hopeless?

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Any successful person will tell you that the conversation that takes place in their head is key. It makes or breaks successful athletes. Motivating self-talk helps ease a person’s nerves before talking to the boss or making an important speech. This is why coaches and trainers are vital because they train us to change our thought patterns.

July marks an important mid-year point. Many people are re-assessing their goals, finances and LIFE in general.  If you read last week’s post, maybe you reassessed what’s truly valuable in your life. When I’m working with clients in substance abuse recovery or mental health treatment, we examine what that critic sounds like and challenge it to SHUT UP!

In this 1st part of the self-talk series I will provide you with 10 essential mantras or self-talk gems to keep you motivated as you work towards self-improvement.

Physical Wellness Mantras:

  1. I choose to feed my body with goodness.
  2. I feel energetic.
  3. My body deserves to be treated with special attention.
  4. I am confident with my physical abilities.
  5. I always consider how stress affects my energy levels.
  6. Each step I take brings me closer to optimal health.
  7. I am inhaling energy and exhaling toxins.
  8. Oxygen enters my body to feed me the energy of life.
  9. I am strong.
  10. I am in charge of my physical wellness.

Commit to placing these sentences where you will see them daily!

For instance, a phone screen saver, your daily planner, a Post-It note on your desk or a note on your fridge (especially if you’re focused on nutrition).

Where will you place your mantra??