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Why I Needed A Break From My Blog

After my dream vacation in Puerto Rico in April, I noticed something disturbing. I never smile in my pictures anymore.

I can’t even vacation like a “normal” person anymore.

I travel like a blogger now. Although ALL of us are stuck on our phones, searching for the right lighting for the ‘Gram, bloggers take it to a WHOLE other level.

My husband and I noticed a crowd of girls on the beach who were taking a thousand selfies. We were on an island near Puerto Rico and these girls were seriously taking selfies and group pics for about 30 minutes. Did they even get in the water? It was a serious mission to get to this island and this particular group of girls took pictures FOR DAYS!

When I stopped judging, I was hit with a scary truth.

We’re basically all trying to capture moments, whether we have a website or not. Think about it. If you take a cool hike, order a fancy meal or meet up with friends on a weekend, don’t you want to document it? We hiked through a rainforest for 40 minutes to reach a beautiful waterfall. Most of the visitors were taking damn selfies or Snapchats right next to me. And if I wasn’t a blogger or influencer, guess what? I’d still be snapping pictures by the waterfall to document our journey.


We don’t realize how lucky we are to have these portable devices that capture memories and photos that only get catalogued on social media. How could I feel like I “unplugged” during my vacation if I’m just waiting to upload videos when I get a Wifi signal?

This summer I want to explore more mindfulness, for myself, as well as for my readers. I didn’t feel jazzed about returning to blog work in May after my trip. In fact, I had a serious mental block. My anxiety returned and I have been questioning how I can pivot this brand into more than a blog.

Being obsessed with social media and always pushing my brain for content finally wore me out. Click To Tweet

It dragged me to a level where I couldn’t even half ass pick out dinner for my family. My decision-making skills were left on that Fantasy Island.

Yet, with 2 years of brand building, community building and blog content under my belt, I knew I couldn’t just disappear. I’m no quitter.

But I want to capture memories like a normal person again. I want to put on a full smile and not care if the picture doesn’t make it to the blog.

So this summer’s journey of exploring mindfulness will take a new spin.

Join me as we re-evaluate our habits, look at the world through new eyes and take selfies just for the hell of it!

How do you unplug during a vacation? Do you feel consumed by the obsession to take pictures everywhere you go?

Take Me With You- Travel Chronicles

I’m sitting and writing this post with my travel memories as fresh as this itchy sunburn. My husband and I just returned from a weeklong trip to Cancun/Riviera Maya! You see, travel is our self-care.

Travel is our bonding time.



Travel is how we reward ourselves for everything…..for being alive, for being thankful for our blessings, for our hard work and for our marriage.

I think couples can learn a lot about each other when they travel. Whether it’s a road trip or an international trip, being in close quarters and ALONE TOGETHER for a stretch of time can teach two individuals a lot about each other.

What can you learn?

  • How does your partner view the larger world? New cultures?
  • How do they handle lost luggage? (Maya Angelou has a great quote about this)
  • Are they able to unplug and relax? Do they need you to teach them HOW?
  • Does your partner have healthy relaxation skills that you could learn from?
  • Is it easier to communicate about shared goals or values when you both have a break from your daily schedules?
  • Does travel allow you both to fully enjoy interests outside the daily grind? (water activities, outdoor interests, food/wine, museums, arts, music, sports, volunteering)
  • What makes them laugh from deep down in their gut??

I carried my love for travel into this marriage. I travelled often before I got married and now my hubby is addicted to international travel! I had two intense jobs before I got married, therefore travel was my ultimate self-care. I literally flew by myself to New York on a red-eye, dropped off my bags and went running in Central Park. No lie. (Running outdoors is a GREAT form of self-care).

There’s so much to learn about yourself when you venture outside your block, your city, your time zone. Your way of doing things is not the only way.

You are just a microcosm of this diverse, complicated and magical world.

Travelling really reinforces what I’m grateful for. I can’t complain about going back to work when I have a steady paycheck, an office, air conditioning, health insurance and paid days off. Not to mention, a safe home, family, my beloved pups and food in my fridge.

Take yourself somewhere. Go somewhere with your partner or family. It’s freeing to break away from your schedule. Click To Tweet

And as I write this post I have specific song lyrics stuck in my head…..Does the title of this post remind you of a popular Prince song?

Side story: My husband and I learned of Prince’s death while on vacation in Colorado. We were driving through the Rockies listening to his music and I remembered the video to this song, which looked similar to our drive in the woods.

So, when will your next adventure be??


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