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8 Summer Self-Care Activities You Haven’t Considered

Welcome to the 1st week of summer! Don’t let it go to waste by sticking to the same ol’ routine! Consider this list of self-care activities before winter returns!

  1. Enjoy an animated movie! Finding Dory was released last week and me and my mom can’t wait to see it. Plus, the theater will keep you nice and cool!
  2. Take your coloring and painting projects outdoors! Invite younger family members who are on summer break and join them in some creative painting or coloring! Speaking of Finding Dory, I am including a link to free Finding Dory coloring pages from Mommy Mafia’s website!
  3. DIY projects: What kind of projects am I talking about? Sewing a summer dress, beading jewelry for yourself or as a gift, home décor, knitting or crocheting, office décor, flower arranging, making your own foot scrub or bath soak, etc. Tip: Walk around your local hobby store and see what jumps out at you or visit my Pinterest page for my Project-ish Board! 
  4. Find a local pool and cool off. Jump in for a few laps, bring a magazine and lounge or get some much needed Vitamin D. Maybe a nearby hotel has a local deal!!
  5. Take your workout outdoors. Find a local trail and split up your run into lunges and quick sprints. Use a bench for tricep dips, use bleachers for stair climbing or do a night bike ride with friends or the kids.
  6. Find a nearby location that you have never visited and act like a tourist. Changing our environment helps us get out of our head. This is why many (like myself) find travelling rejuvenating. After my puppy passed away, me, my mom and my husband needed to get out of the house. We went to a nearby city, ate lunch and explored antique shops. It helped distract us, took us away from the emptiness at home and tired us out.
  7. Arrange a date with a friend for pampering. If money is tight, venture to the drugstore together and pick up face masks, manicure tools and bright nail polishes. Add some snacks, beverages and music and you have a spa party!
  8. Find local events that require you to be outside (weather permitting). For example, farmers markets, outdoor concerts, outdoor theater performances, pool parties, patio brunches, dinner cruises, art festivals, pet festivals, charity events or marathons. Fresh air distracts us from our destructive thoughts! Tip: Follow your cities events page on Facebook!

The summer season can be a time of growth, renewal and a time to drop fears and routines. Winter weather places limitations on taking our self-care outdoors. Take advantage of the longer days and sunshine- You Deserve It!

 Challenge: Pick a new summer self-care activity and post a picture on Facebook or Instagram. Tag me using the hashtag #thefocusonyou! 


Self-Care Gift Guide 2015

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Can you believe it’s almost Christmas???

What a perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a well-deserved gift!

If you still recognize a weakness in your self-care area, now is the time to take advantage of sales! I have recently compared self-care to an emergency kit and the holidays are a perfect time to stock up on items that soothe and relax you! Let’s look at a few gift recommendations:

Bellabeat Leaf

If you are still on the fence about buying a FitBit, my friend Kelly Wonderlin has an exciting review of the Bella Leaf, which looks more appealing than an armband!




To continue with the fitness theme, the Contigo water bottle with a handy pocket is not only good for hiking or long walks with the dog, but is a more attractive way to track daily water consumption!




As I have mentioned in previous posts, journaling is one of the best ways to deal with life’s stresses. Journaling helps with anxiety, grief, PTSD and many other mental health issues. Journaling action plans are also helpful if you’re an entrepeneur or are serious about tracking your success. I like this Happiness Project journal from Gretchen Rubin that gives daily journal ideas and keeps goals on track. (I also recommend the book that precedes this!)




If you want to read a new book during your Christmas break or during a long flight home, I highly recommend Don Miguel Ruiz’ book, The Four Agreements. These lessons seriously changed the way I see the world. This book is easy to read and provides lessons that make you say “Aha!” If my cashflow was endless I would gift this to everyone I know!




If you continue to feel confused as to how to treat yourself this year, take a look at your Instagram page! Think of all the pictures where you click “like” and wish you could purchase these items for yourself! This is how I purchased one of my favorite blogger tees from A Trendy Sparrow and my recent shirt from L.A. Chica. Take a look at my Instagram page for ideas!

Have you already created a gift list for yourself?? 




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