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Inspirational Message For The Week: Let It Flow

As I wondered what type of inspiration to provide this week, divine intervention jumped in.

I watched Mark Nepo on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday this weekend and was inspired by his poem entitled “Freefall.”



Fear wastes air. Period.

Building on Nepo’s message, think about this…..

Stay present. Keep things simple.

You don’t need an elaborate get-up or hundreds of dollars in order to “spend time with your kids.”

Loosen the expectations in entertaining yourself and other people.

Relax and just be you. Let life flow.

How will you keep things simple this week?

(Recommendation! My favorite book from Mark Nepo: Finding Inner Courage)

Monday Motivation

I stumbled across this YouTube video and posted it on my Facebook page last week. Just wanted to share it with everyone in the blogosphere to help you re-focus this Monday!


You can view this video below just once OR you can try something different:


  1. Turn on this video when you wake up in the morning.
  2. Listen to this after you shower.
  3. Listen to this while you get ready for your workout….or while you’re procrastinating about working out (we’re all guilty of this!).


Watching this video made me want to jump on my bike, inhale cool air and conquer the world!!


Do you use YouTube or other videos to help amp up your motivation?


Share links to your favorite motivational videos in the comments below or on my social media pages! You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, BlogLovin and Instagram!

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