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Thankful Thursday – Eliminating Toxic Thoughts

For me, gratitude goes further than saying “I’m grateful for my house, my family and my dogs.” It’s completely acceptable to say and believe that statement but gratitude can change based on your perspective.

For instance, it’s roughly 108 degrees today where I live. Ouch right? I am not only grateful for functioning air conditioning in my home, car and office but I am grateful I don’t work outside.

If I complain (as most people are doing right now) about how hot it is, am I disregarding the people taking the bus, those who work outdoors, families who don’t have air conditioning or people who drive in this heat all day?

How does that take my gratitude to a different level?

My question is: Do we complain more than we say thanks? Click To Tweet

The amount of time we spend on social media can help us reflect on the thoughts we choose to share. Hey, I’m no Saint! I wasn’t born with patience and sometimes that is vented on my personal social media accounts or through texts with close friends. But I have to check myself too.

I work in an environment where people seek aid, answers, advice, an ear and advocacy. As a mental health therapist I work hard at keeping my environment free of toxicity. Of course I can’t control the energy brought into my office by clients, but I CAN control what I give them.

I can control the toxicity I spread to everyone around me.

On this Thankful Thursday I want to focus on toxic thoughts. By minimizing, and eventually eliminating, toxic thoughts and words my gratitude will grow.

And for this I am thankful.

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Thankful Thursday: January Recap

Month One of being an official blogger is almost over!

 Today I’m going to share with you what I am thankful for and ask that you consider the same.


Here is my list:

  1. I am thankful for everyone who is reading my blog posts. Comments, Likes, Facebook Shares, email subscriptions, re-tweets, re-grams, you name it! ¡Muchas gracias!
  2. Today I am thankful for my husband’s input and patience while I am grinding away. His excitement and genuine interest helps me stay inspired. I love you babe!
  3. I am thankful to Mommy Mafia Miami for her brilliant insight, constructive tips and social media support, to name a few. Check out her site! 
  4. I am super thankful that I saw Justin Timberlake in concert earlier this month. What a performance! I was secretly hoping Jay-Z would pop out….next time Jay!
  5. I am thankful that I attended the Type-A-Parent conference in Las Vegas this month and met amazing bloggers and content creators. Face-to-face interactions are important in building a brand.
  6. I am thankful to God for the luxury I am afforded to take some breaks. As I write this I am racked with Fibromyalgia fatigue and my only priority today was to make it through work. Making dinner or cleaning up around the house tonight are up in the air due to how I am feeling. My days have been busier than normal and luckily today I have some time to focus on my health. That is the theme of this whole thing RIGHT??!!
  7. Last but not least, I am thankful for my family members who are being blessed with good news about their health. Thanks to doctors, nurses, specialists (my rheumatologist rocks), gentle phlebotomists, nutritionists and personal trainers who all make a difference in the lives of my loved ones. It is easy for people to pray to their Higher Power when someone is very ill or waiting for important test results. It’s important in my life to be grateful when loved ones are healthy too.

                   Enjoy your Super Bowl/Puppy Bowl weekend!


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