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Refocus Using Inspirational Fashion From La Clé

This writer received complimentary products in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

I admit that it can be hard to stay motivated or inspired at times, especially as a blogger and creative person.

As I mentioned on Facebook Live a few weeks ago, we have to “sprinkle” self-care into our daily routines. Our souls may not get replenished in one shot. Whether we deal with low self-esteem, mental health struggles or stepping out of our comfort zone, we need daily doses of healthy energy & motivation.

As I flipped through Instagram for inspiration I stumbled upon a company who is totally in sync with my philosophy: how can we keep positivity in our periphery?

La Clé creates action based accessories and apparel that give you the opportunity to Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good. I spoke with the brand founder, Deanna, and was excited to learn more about their products. La Clé (which means “the key” in French) is based in Vienna, VA and started in 2014. She states that the brand’s goal is to encourage people to make positivity and generosity part of their “daily growth strategy.”

What easier way to implement your daily growth strategy than to wear it!


Naturally I was drawn to their Refocus Bands, which was one of the products designed by Deanna. She created fashionable and durable bracelets so people could not only wear them, but also to inspire healthy interactions with others. When she played soccer in college she wrote motivational messages on rubber bands for her teammates. She hopes these Refocus Bands will be the reminder people need to keep their mind and thoughts positive. Focusing on the good things in life is part of the brand’s mission.

Deanna states that we have to take control of what we think. Whether I am writing about healthy self-talk or building confidence, I have also encouraged you to take back control. Controlling what we think, controlling who we allow in our lives and controlling what makes us happy. One of the bracelets I keep reaching for is the Rewire band. The message states, “Change is only a choice away.” When we consciously make positive changes in our life, we make a good choice. Good choices usually lead to good results. Healthy self-talk and a positive attitude actively rewires our brain.

The Refocus Bands can be flipped over to display colorful designs or your favorite inspirational messages. Some of the messages include:

“I am the storm” – Reassure Band

“It doesn’t matter what they think.” – Realize Band

“You’re effin’ brilliant.” – Remarkable Band

“If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.” – Rethink Band

“Disconnect to reconnect.” – Reboot Band


The Refocus Bands also come in mini sizes and would make a perfect gift for any young person in your life who needs a little boost!

I encourage you to look into the La Clé website and SUPER inspiring Instagram page to choose an inspirational product for yourself or a friend, colleague, family member or mentee. Let someone special know that you are thinking of them and cheering them on!

Which Refocus band would you wear??

Healthier Habits That Focus On YOU

I have never believed in resolutions. I wrote about this last year and dedicated that post to the “rezzies” (resolution people). Resolutions are about as serious as “promises.” Umm yeah no…..

I DO believe in making changes as you see fit.

Personally, I make adjustments to my habits throughout the year and focus on adjustments BEFORE the new year. The holidays already have enough pressure with shopping, cooking, decorating, parties, travel, etc. December was a good time for me to improve habits because it kept me sane and healthy!

Instead of the typical resolutions or new year improvements, let’s look at habits that could be improved starting today!


Speaking Up For Yourself

Did you agree to some things last year that you wish you didn’t?

Did you hold back from speaking up about your wishes and needs with your family?

We all have reasons why we DON’T speak up. We want to avoid an argument or avoid explaining our feelings. When we fail to speak up for our needs our resentment builds. Imagine garbage bags of resentments. They accumulate every time we hold our tongue.

If you are considering speaking up for your needs, rehearse your statements. Record yourself to see how you sound (is your message clear). Write down the message you want to get across.

Staying Organized

Whether you struggle with overwhelming emails, piles of papers on your counter or a messy closet, clutter works AGAINST productivity. This is a topic I continue to struggle with. Buying cute little organizers for the counter no longer work. Paper file dividers are pointless as well. I stay organized with personal tasks using my Passion Planner and old school Post-Its but for some reason household clutter keeps winning!

So what is my recommendation? Find what ISN’T working and discard that before adding ANOTHER organization tool.

I will have to re-read The Happiness Project from Gretchen Rubin for her ideas on sorting through clutter. I shared this book at a staff meeting and many co-workers commented on how these tips helped them at home! Learn more about this book by clicking on the picture!



Work On That Bucket List

We all go through the motions: Clean up after the holidays, survive the winter, plan for spring vacations, figure out what to do with the kids over the summer, back to school season and then it’s the holidays AGAIN!

Is there any room in there for adventure? Ignorning your bucket list is a BAD HABIT!!

My husband and I recently went on a fabulous trip to Maui for Christmas and New Years. Obviously it wasn’t a spur of the moment trip and took about 6 months of saving and planning. We travelled the Road to Hana for the first time and had the time of our lives!



Start thinking about your next venture, even if it’s local! Have you wanted to hike in your local mountain range? Want to rent a beach house this summer? Did you miss last year’s summer music festivals? Keep your bucket list planning on your calendar to keep you motivated through this harsh winter! You’ll thank me later!

Bucket List items we crossed off this year: Opening Day at Dodger Stadium, Our 1st International Trip together (Maya Riviera), Cozumel Trip, Husband’s 1st trip to 17 Mile Drive in Monterey, 4th of July Fireworks in San Francisco, Yankee Stadium, My 1st Mexican Soccer Match, Road to Hana in Maui, New Years in Maui






Aside from healthy eating habits and weight loss goals, there are many other options to consider this new year. Healthy habits can become a lifestyle, a tradition and can make the year’s hard work SO much more worth it!

What healthy habits do you need this year??


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