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Have you ever walked into a home, business or office and felt someone’s bad vibes? Have you ever envied hotels that have a peaceful ambiance or decor?

Create your own peaceful environment using these 5 ideas!

Pinterest: Begin a search for “serenity rooms” and grab some ideas for plants, color schemes, wall décor, lighting, etc. Follow my Pinterest board entitled “Home Sweet Home” for decorating inspiration!

Inventory: What type of vibe fits your personality? Do you need a quiet space where you can play soothing music? Maybe you need a portable speaker? Plush pillows and blanket? Do you want to relax on the floor with a colorful rug so you can incorporate yoga stretches? Scented candles? Are you comforted by spiritual or religious figurines or candles? Do you have cultural traditions you want to incorporate into your home or office? Now that you have considered your inventory list it’s time to go shopping! I’ll include some links below to help you get started!

Crystals: Crystals have been used for years for healing and meditative properties. Lately they have been very popular for home décor, meditation, journaling and gardening. Research which crystals you can use to clean energy in your home, for self-esteem, to attract healthy energy or whatever your heart desires! Find a local crystal shop and learn from one of their experts. Here are a few articles that explain their usefulness!

  5 Ways To Use Crystals For Good Feng-Shui

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Aromatherapy: Whether you use candles, fragrance warmers, incense or essential oils, aromatherapy is a trusted method for inspiring a peaceful environment. I personally use sweet orange oil for an energetic vibe and lavender in my bedroom for relaxation. (I also have a post about the products I use for aromatherapy). Looking back on your inventory, did you include soothing scents? The scents in our environment could trigger anxiety or create energy and comfort. How many of you look forward to warm, sweet scents in the fall? Yup, I’m a sucker for anything that smells like apples or cinnamon!


Creating a peaceful environment can be beneficial to our stress levels, confidence, creativity and energy. Focusing on you also includes focusing on your environment. Imagine how efficient you’ll be when you walk into your own safe space with only peaceful vibes allowed!!

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