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Stop Being Stingy With Your Wisdom!

Imagine if your children’s teachers quit teaching because your child still can’t figure out algebra.



Imagine if your doctor gave you attitude and stopped treating you because you still haven’t brought your blood pressure down.

As a therapist, I work as a guide, not a fix-it. I provide self-care and therapeutic interventions to clients in need. Although some of them are mandated to attend therapy, it’s really up to them to make changes in their life. I have worked with clients FOR MONTHS and they still may feel afraid to set boundaries, stay away from drugs or start prioritizing their needs. My role doesn’t change just because my clients don’t do what I want. Helping others is about THEM, not ME.

A teacher’s job is to teach, reinforce the lesson and provide encouragement. The additional work needs to be done at home.

A coach’s job is to help their athlete improve their game, notice their weak areas and provide encouragement. The athlete can choose to do additional training outside of practice, which will help their performance.

A therapist’s job is to guide their client, provide helpful interventions and provide encouragement. The client needs to incorporate these lessons on their own at home.

See a theme here?

If you are in a helping role think about a time you were on the opposite side of the table. How have you benefitted from someone else’s help?

Or do you act like the students or audience you complain about?

In the blogging business, I have benefitted TREMENDOUSLY from the lessons at conferences and messages from guest speakers. They have taken the time to travel AND present at events in an effort to teach helpful tips for budding entrepeneurs.

A guest speaker or panelist cannot control the outcome of their event. Was one person inspired? Were two audience members actually taking notes? Their job may be done. If audience members don’t follow through on lessons learned that’s their responsibility, not the speaker’s.

If you’re burnt out on coaching, guiding, encouraging or teaching then the problem is YOU and not your audience. Take a break, start saying no, release expectations and incorporate some self-care. IT’S OK TO TAKE A BREAK!

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Just don’t leave your role forever. The world is full of eager minds who would benefit from your wisdom!!

Do you think you set too many expectations on the people you help out? 

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3 Reflections From The We All Grow Summit

Although I was posting fun pictures all over my social media channels, I was in attendance at the We All Grow Summit this weekend to improve my blog/brand and make new connections.



I prepared for the weekend with a list of needs. I researched the agenda, the speakers/bloggers and pinpointed what I wanted to extract from workshop sessions. Call me an over planner but I wanted to make the most out of this opportunity!

I narrowed down my reflections from the conference and realized these are NOT exclusive to just media influencers, bloggers or social media pros.


  1. Media can be TOO powerfulRosie Rivera provided a powerful testimony about her family losses, personal battles and her book, Mis Pedazos Rotos, detailing how she is healing from the wounds of childhood abuse. Rosie admitted to a room full of bloggers and media influencers that she hates media because it’s keeping us uneducated. She believes that our voice can be used in a more influential manner.  Reflection: Serve a purpose with every post, picture and retweet. Educate and help someone. You don’t have to be a blogger or professional to be an “influencer.” Bullies are influencers too but look at the damage they cause. Change the conversation.
  2. Our Power Is In Our VoiceThe world doesn’t know that it needs you. Click To Tweet What can you provide to build someone up? Is there a story you want to share? Be more real. As Rosie Rivera stated, “When you are YOU the audience will come.” Reflection: If ideas keep floating in your head, put them on paper. State them out loud. Write them in your journal. During this conference I stated my future intention to a new friend. Ironically, she had the same thought. We shook hands and agreed to meet each other in that future place. Now we just allow the Universe to work its magic!
  3. Evaluate The Energy Around You – Two of my biggest highlights were the Wellness Circles I attended both days of the conference. On the 1st day I was blessed to have personalized attention with Elayna Fernandez of The Positive Mom. She helped me solidify my passions so they could be timeless and more specific. The 2nd day I shared my visions with Hiliana Devila and Christine Gutierrez. They honored, challenged and comforted our group to move forward on whatever was holding us back. Reflection: Step back and look at how you are operating. If you are a blogger or entrepreneur, how is your audience viewing you? What are they seeing on your timelines, website, email signature, video content, etc.? What energy are we bringing? If you are busy with family life, step back and re-evaluate your routine. How often are you speaking comforting words to your children or loved ones? Are your words full of criticism or rushed? What do your children see when they see you everyday? What does your boss see when you walk in everyday? The energy you bring into a room, your house or your office could help explain why love or opportunities are not opening up for you. Christine recommended for bloggers/vloggers to take a social media break to give their brands a fresh eye. Unconsciously we end up repeating patterns that we see. We take the same Instagram picture or create the same type of video. I have mentioned this in previous posts relating to toxic energy. What news or conversations are we hearing? How is this being reflected on our thoughts or conversations?

I could probably write a book on all the lessons I learned through these last few days. One thing that I do know is that the title of this conference truly reflects how I feel: We All Grow. Thank you for helping me grow Latina Bloggers Connect!

If you attended the conference this weekend what takeaways did you have? 

What energy will you bring to this week?

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