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15 Petty Affirmations To Uplift Your Soul

Is anyone a fan of petty Tweets or Instagram posts like me?

Sometimes my crazy sense of humor can lighten my mood or distract me from the heaviness of life.

I recently saw a trend on Twitter where people respond to silly statements by saying, “First of all….” In all seriousness, did you know that you can twist petty statements into self-affirming mantras?

It’s easy to have a snappy comeback or to insult ourselves in our head, but why aren’t positive affirmations just as easy?

I compiled a list of petty and non-traditional affirmations to add to your journal, share with your fellow petty friends and to remind yourself that despite our flaws, we’re all worthy deep down inside.

  1. Even though I should be arrested for these messy ass eyebrows, I am worthy of love and attention.
  2. Even though my anxiety keeps me from having fun with my friends, I forgive myself for listening to my needs first.
  3. Although I feel ashamed that I don’t fit into my clothes like I used to, I accept myself as being more than a dress size or pant size.
  4. In spite of the fact that I feel stupid bringing up small talk with strangers, I know I deserve to be where I am today and am proud of myself for going outside of my comfort zone.
  5. Even though I hate feeling lonely, I acknowledge my poor boundaries and maintain a healthy circle of supporters.
  6. Even though my house is a hot mess, I forgive myself for getting off track and am grateful for the comfort of a messy home.
  7. I accept the range of emotions that brew inside me and channel them in healthy ways.
  8. Despite the fact that I am financially irresponsible, I completely forgive myself for the false expectations that I place on money.
  9. In spite of the fact that I didn’t meet my goals, I admit my faults and understand that loving myself is more motivating than shaming myself into isolation.
  10. I notice that I complain too much on social media but today I choose to be hopeful and optimistic. Click To Tweet
  11. I admit that I need to stop shaming others online and change my conversation to more life-affirming and uplifting commentary.
  12. Even though my racing thoughts are terrifying and unsettling, I embrace the peace that sleep brings me every night.
  13. I admit that I act too extra and remind myself that quiet confidence is sexy too.
  14. Despite the fact that I procrastinate, I forgive myself for hiding from the world how badass my dreams are.
  15. It may seem like I’m settling for this life but I believe in my ability to unlock this procrastination and set myself free.

If you are familiar with  the therapeutic technique called Tapping (or EFT),  critical self-talk can be challenged using  the Tapping method. When people verbalize what their inner critic is saying, it sounds kinda crazy! Trust me, I’ve used tapping to deconstruct ugly messages in my head and it’s helped!

Acceptance theory also teaches clients with social anxieties to break down the power behind self-talk. I have worked with clients who healed from social anxiety and later realized how irrational their previous fears were.

Whether you use these petty statements out loud or keep them to yourself, remember that staying hopeful, optimistic and having a sense of humor can only help you in the long run!

20 Journal Prompts For Anger And Anxiety

This post contains an affiliate link.

Regardless of your source of angst, writing is a safe and healthy way to process our emotions. Last week’s post focused on ways to diffuse anger and I mentioned the importance of editing what we write.

These journal prompts can help you specifically with feelings of anger and anxiety. Even if your anxiety attack has passed, it is good to process it verbally or on paper. Personally, my anxiety attacks hit me AFTER a stressful encounter or situation so I try to process my stress through writing.

  1. I can create good karma by……
  2. On days like this I prefer to be………
  3. One lesson I have learned by withholding my anger was….
  4. I’m glad I have these tools (______________) to help me when I’m feeling ___________.
  5. These social media friends understand how I feel: _____________________
  6. I need to avoid these people to keep me from feeling worse:
  7. I enjoy doing this (______________) when I’m feeling anxious.
  8. Last time I felt like this I did these things to feel better: ___________________
  9. I will call my therapist, mentor or sponsor on this day (____________) and ask that we focus on…………
  10. I will read these books or blogs that help me understand my feelings:
  11. Instead of feeling _________, I want to feel this ___________. A barrier that keeps me from feeling better is this: ___________. I will limit this barrier in my life by……
  12. When I isolate for too long………
  13. I can go to this safe and brave space………..
  14. I will no longer blame myself for……..
  15. I know I am stronger than this emotion because…………
  16. I need to focus on my goals again. I can do this today by………
  17. I need to let go of………….
  18. The songs that will calm my mood:
  19. Dear Anger, (describe what color your feeling is)
  20. Dear Anxiety, (describe what color your feeling is)

Additional resources:

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