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My Letter To The Strong People Who Are Struggling

Hey you,

You’re tired huh?

You’re mentally drained?

You’re ready to disconnect the phone so people won’t make anymore demands from you?

Being strong isn’t always what it’s cut out to be. Do people realize how tiring it is to hold everything together? Why hasn’t anyone asked how I’m doing? Why hasn’t anyone offered to give me a break for once?

Are you surrounded by “broken” people? Do you need to do an inventory of who sucks up your time?

When is the last time you put your needs into consideration?

If any of this sounds familiar, let me tell you that there is hope.

There has to be a way to call for a timeout and throw that red flag into the field. Even one day of relief can make a difference. A timeout won’t last forever but one day will give you a reboot and hopefully a clearer head.

I use the credo, “We have not because we ask not.” What do you need to ask right now? Write it down.

If you’re making excuses about bothering people or you don’t want to ask for help, let me direct you to an article I wrote about the danger of keeping unhealthy boundaries. You’ll only add to your overwhelm by holding on to this pattern.

The mark of a strong person also comes down to intelligence. Being smart enough to say STOP. Being smart enough to know who to ask for help. Being smart enough to know that something has to change. There may be times when your strength fails you (illness, grief, multiple life changes). When this occurs, being smart is your next best option.


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It’s ok to cry.

It’s ok to ask for a timeout.

Keep your head up and make some necessary changes…!

Don’t be stingy. Share this with the strong people in your life. Send it to their email with the subject line, “I see you working hard. I’m here.”


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  1. Love this! So timely!!!

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