As an 80’s kid, my inner child is excited for the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I remember playing with my Ewok village and lightsabers with my friends.

It seems like grown-ups are more excited about Star Wars than kids or teens! Anyone agree???

All the interviews and hype had me thinking about how this film can bring families together during the holiday season. Curious?

Here’s how:

  1. Star Wars can bridge a gap between generations.  – Adults can share their favorite moments of the original movies with their kids, nephews, nieces, etc.  My husband and I have been catching up on all six episodes and recapping our favorite memories as kids. Some of my friends have taken their tiny family members to the Star Wars events at Disneyland. What better way to get kids excited about this new film than to see adults bring out their inner child!
  2. Catching up on the original Star Wars films can become a holiday tradition.  – Many families are carving out time to watch their favorite holiday films. Add Star Wars movies to your rotation! We caught up thanks to Amazon! All the originals are available to be downloaded now!



3. Join in on Star Wars activities and games! – Between the lightsabers, puzzles, board games and action figures, there are many new toys to steal share with the kids! Have you started the coloring book craze yet? (I did a coloring book challenge in October and posted my insight – Self-Care and Coloring Books )

Add some Star Wars pages to your coloring book catalogue!

I have included a link below to Mommy Mafia‘s post with FREE Star Wars coloring pages!

Star Wars Coloring Pages

Don’t leave yourself out of the fun that Star Wars can provide, whether just for yourself, your friends or with the kids in your family. It’s the perfect time to start new traditions and bring back some fun!

What will your family do to join in the Star Wars excitement??