I blog for World Mental Health Day


How did last week’s self-talk challenge feel? If you read Part 1 of this self-talk series you received 10 mantras or affirmations to guide your physical wellness. Whether you wanted to eat better, lose weight or begin physical healing, last week’s affirmations were right on time.

This week we will focus on mental and emotional wellness. With recent tragedies in the U.S., I feel these mantras are in divine order. I have witnessed many friends battle with guilt, anger, hopelessness and despair, just to name a few. If your emotional wellness is fatigued, I encourage you to write all of these in a journal. Write them multiple times even if every mantra isn’t suited for you. See where it leads you……


  1. I am wise.
  2. My faith lifts my spirits higher.
  3. I am fearless in pursuing my dreams.
  4. I am true to myself.
  5. All the solutions are making themselves clear to me.
  6. My clarity is strong.
  7. I am full of enlightenment and healthy energy.
  8. My fears will not overpower me.
  9. I take each day as a lesson and keep pushing forward.
  10. I am thankful for ____________
  11. I am inspired.
  12. I can bring love to every person I meet.
  13. I know how to stand up for myself.
  14. I respect my limitations and realize they make me human.
  15. I allow myself to cry.
  16. I may not always be strong but I can always be SMART.
  17. My power is in my voice.
  18. I stay true to my word.
  19. I am grounded in reality.
  20. I am a survivor.

Please place these affirmations where you can see them daily. Change your phone’s screen saver if you must. Send these to your Snapchat friends for daily inspiration as well!