I learned late last night about the passing of author, speaker and philosopher Dr. Wayne Dyer. He was HUGE in the field of self-help and personal development and was a resource I leaned on in my therapeutic practice.

Dr. Dyer was preaching mindfulness before Arianna Huffington revived it with her book, Thrive. His career lasted 4 decades,he has written more than 40 books and he has been featured numerous times on Oprah’s OWN network.

I now regret that I didn’t see him live or attend one of his workshops. What I remember most about his teachings come from a video he created called, “The Shift.”

When I worked in addictions treatment I shared this movie with my clients and found it very effective. Dr. Dyer shares that he was also an addict and had been about 20 years clean at that time.

What did I learn from this movie? 

  • There are people in this world who have less than we do and find very little to complain about.
  • Life is too short to be missing out on our potential or to fulfill our dreams.
  • What we’re trying to control will eventually control us. Work, kids, money, anything.

The Shift showcases 3 different people who meet at Dr. Dyer’s retreat and struggle with happiness in their lives.  My clients said Dr. Dyer’s teachings in the movie help simplified messages they never understood.

What is one thing I will always remember from his books?

If what you do is who you are, then when you don’t, you aren’t. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

For me, this message means that you need an identity aside from your career. If all my personal stock was based on my ability as a therapist, I’d be worthless after 5pm.

This message also shows the importance of boundaries. Yes, I am a therapist and a blogger. But that is what I DO. It’s not who I AM. I believe that every person on this Earth needs to set boundaries (which is covered in one of my previous posts). I have to set limits for my personal and professional life so I can be an effective therapist and a worthwhile member of my family. His book, Pulling Your Own Strings, is a great reference if you struggle with setting boundaries.

The qualities that you appreciate about yourself when you take off your professional hat and heels will only help propel you the rest of your life. If I want someone to love me then I must love myself as well. I’m not just a label, or degree or professional such and such.

Here are a few quotes that he is also famous for:



What have you learned from his teachings? Do you have a favorite book? Please share on this post or on my social media pages.

His legacy will live on through the lessons he provided and how we continue to make positive changes in our lives.  As Dr. Dyer would say, “Namaste.”