This week marks Random Acts of Kindness Week and Wednesday, February 17, is the actual day to increase kind acts.

If you are looking for more creative ideas aside from holding a door open, consider these!!!


  1. Post Only Positive Messages On Social Media – It’s election year, celebrities are acting crazy and people are becoming more polarized on racial and social issues. I’m not saying we shouldn’t share relevant FACTS but let’s do an inventory of our behaviors. If everyone is getting a little nutty, what would ease people’s consciousness instead of adding fuel to the fire??
  2. Help Out Your Tribe – Do you have a friend that just started a business? Is there a family member you haven’t reached out to? Send a text saying, “Hey I’m thinking of you. When can we chat/hang out?” Share your friend’s webpage/blog page on your social media channels. Invite other friends to like their site. Business owners, whether they want to admit it or not, rely on numbers. Likes, shares, referrals, keep us in business. It doesn’t cost you anything to do this. We’re quick to share a quote that makes US look good on Instagram or Facebook but we won’t promote our friends or family?
  3. Improve The Environment Around You – Bring coffee or a bag of clementines to work. Take a plant or small bouquet to a co-worker or new mom who needs some cheer. Offer to pick-up or cook your family’s favorite meal this week. Do a chore that you know your partner/spouse hates. Buy yourself some flowers or a small succulent and add them to your home office! Leave a love note in your child’s lunch bag or backpack.

Finally, a reminder and a mini public service announcement.

Don’t text and drive.

I’m guilty of it from time to time (mostly I’m looking for a song on my phone). Since I’m reminding myself, its only kind to remind you as well!


What type of random acts of kindness are you planning this week?