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Need Help With Journaling?

Originally published on October 19, 2015. This post contains affiliate links

Have you ever felt stuck when starting to journal?

Are you more likely to journal during difficult times? Did you know it is also helpful to practice gratitude journaling regardless of your circumstances?

Let’s start with a few facts about the benefits of journaling.

  1. Journaling is seen as beneficial in trauma therapy and addiction treatment. Sometimes this “narrative therapy” can help clients move past guilt and re-write their stories, focusing more on future goals.
  2. One study on daily writing practices resulted in increased immunity in sick patients.
  3. Writing groups have also been effective in prison populations. I enforced homework and daily reflections when working with ex-offenders in addiction treatment. Their journal provided a snapshot of their progress before and after treatment.


Journal prompts

During tough times:

Today I feel…….

I will make tomorrow better by….

(From Brene Brown) The story I am telling myself is……..

I can draw strength from……

I need to change……

I want to tell you……

My past strengths include…….

I have been courageous when……

The problems I keep bumping into are telling me…….

People have looked up to me for……….


During peaceful/happier times:

When I do ___________, I feel alive.

What I love about myself is…….

I continue to get better at……..

I was compassionate with myself today when……….

What inspired me today was……..

The little things I am grateful for are…………

I feel powerful when……..

What worked about today?


If you are struggling with emotions (loneliness, anger, fear, anxiety) write a letter to that emotion.

Dear Anxiety, ………

Dear Grief, …………


Write a letter to your Higher Power.

If you are struggling with a health issue, write a compassionate letter to your body OR feel free to cuss out the body parts that are assaulting you today……..

Dear Fibromyalgia,

Dear Degenerative Discs,

Whether you write in a spiral notebook, Word document or leather bound journal, just write.

If you worry about the safety of your entries, shred them, pour coffee grounds on them or password protect them. All that matters is getting it OUT of your head.

Your paper, computer, journal book won’t judge you or talk back to you.

Silence your inner judge and write openly. Click To Tweet

Tip: Date your entries to mark your progress.


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P.S. Have you ever thought about gifting a journal to a friend or family member? It would make a thoughtful gift! Here are a few samples of journals that you can purchase now through Amazon!




  1. Love your journaling prompts!

  2. Love these prompts! Keeping a journal is so important to me.

  3. I love journaling, and although it’s tough to slow down and do it, it’s ALWAYS worth it!

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