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Part 1: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Originally published on January 15, 2015. This post contains affiliate links.

In an effort to clear more space for yourself, let’s plan a PURGE! No, no, not a bulimic purge. And this is not like that horror movie where society goes bananas for one day!

Let’s get rid of some stuff!!

Now don’t sigh and complain about me asking you to do something. The motto is DO LESS right? YES! But…..let’s make better use of your time to clear the way for better and more fulfilling activities!

I regularly ask clients what they watch on T.V., how many hours they spend on Facebook and what their nighttime rituals are. Most of my clients who suffer from anxiety and/or depression tend to watch T.V. shows that exacerbate these issues. In addition, some of the clients who struggle with excessive worry, anxiety and guilt, spend a lot of time stressing about their friends/family on Facebook.

Repeat after me….GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT. I want to help you release all this garbage! First, let me ask you this:

 What are you viewing on T.V. during your downtime?

What messages do you read through Facebook and other social media?

Is your newsfeed full of people complaining about problems but they never mention solutions?

Is it the same sh–, different day?

Can your change your newsfeed to reflect your interests and values? Is it time to PURGE your friend list or block certain posts?

Remember, garbage in means garbage out. If we’re inhaling all these toxic fumes, how can we stay positive? What else can I purge?


  • Phone pictures. If you don’t already download camera pics to a locker or storage device, consider this! Google Drive, Flickr, Flayvr, Lyve and OneDrive are just a few names of photo storage/cloud storage options that can free up precious space on your phone. Would you like to download apps that can help track your daily fitness, sleep patterns or journal privately online? MAKE SOME ROOM ! 
  • Apps you don’t regularly use on your phone. I hardly ever play games on my phone or iPad (that’s how you know I don’t have kids).
  • Newsfeeds. For example, I follow sites on Twitter based on travel or other current events. If I am no longer in New York I don’t need to follow sites related to that city. If my newsfeed stays interesting, I won’t get sucked into endless scrolling!
  • Playlists! Need some new music for your workout goals? Start shopping with Amazon!


Believe me, I am also guilty of wasting hours reading about people’s continuous rants. Instead, I choose to read MORE about how to improve MY life. I can CHOOSE the amount of garbage/gossip/toxins that I allow into my environment. We can’t completely avoid it but we can filter it out.

Try it and see how freeing it can be. People’s problems will still be there. You’ll just be on the road to peace and improvement…..and setting an example for others……

Let me know what you plan to purge!! Share any other ideas in the comments or on social media!! 

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  1. Oh Yes! Honest, straight to the point advice. I love it. You gotta fan!

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