Back to school season can invite a bundle of nerves for our children. Even if your little one is excited about returning to school, they are not immune to dips in self-esteem.

This blog always focuses on self-care and motivational messages for adults. How about turning our attention to our younger generation??

I sought out guidance from parents and they helped me with this list of motivational gems!

  1. Teach your child to power pose!



2. Affirmations:

I’m a great reader.

I can be anything I want.

I am good enough.

I am magic.

I come from a bloodline of strong and powerful women.

I am brave.

I am proud of myself. 

Today I am ____________.

I know how to solve problems.

3. One mom taught her child to avoid the word “can’t” and to stop saying sorry for no reason. She charged her daughter $0.10 per slip-up. It can be hard for adults to avoid the word “sorry” so this is a smart lesson for a child!

4. “However hard you practice is how well you will perform.”

5. “Everyone has to try hard. Do you think you are the only one struggling with this?”

6. “Are you happy with the effort you are giving in __________?” This could invite a conversation with your child about work ethic.

7. Reminding children about their strengths:  “You are so talented, smart, strong, athletic, great team player, artistic, you never give up, resilient, etc.”



If you need further motivation or some “power words” to share in their lunchbox, this post will help!

Wishing you and your little ones a successful school year!! 

Are there special messages you share with your kids when they’re feeling doubtful??