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There’s never an easy way to mend a broken heart. People may respond with a sense of loss and some separations can leave a person feeling abandoned.

All of these can leave a mark of trauma on a person’s heart.

This book, written by a licensed professional counselor, wellness counselor and certified personal trainer, dives into the ugly side of breakups. The beauty of Crista Gambrell’s journey is shown in how she makes “lemonade” out of lemons. Her understanding of abandonment and heartbreak has turned into something sweeter – a love for physical wellness.

Movement is healing. It’s more than a title to sell books. As a therapist trained in trauma recovery, I encourage clients to use movement (yoga, walking, aqua aerobics, walking a dog, etc) as a way to unlock traumatic energy. The latest trauma research has discovered that trauma gets locked in our bodies, which results in chronic pain, migraines, digestive issues, to name a few. Movement or exercise is the BEST medicine for anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, post-partum depression and drug and alcohol recovery.

This is why I was pleased to review this book BECAUSE of the solutions that were a main focus of this book. Crista weaves her personal story with a solution based model for recovering from abandonment.

What else did I take away from this book (without giving away any spoilers)?

  • How support networks can play a role in recovery.

  • Establishing new routines and “having something to look forward to” is key to battling abandonment and feelings of loneliness.

  • Even helpers need help. Therapists are recommended to seek therapy as well. We’re human too. I love how she described her therapist as a “compassionate stranger.”

  • Exercise, in any form, can provide a different sense of confidence that only YOU can achieve. Crista’s lessons through her kung fu instructor, yoga lessons and Zumba class will make you question your own abilities in getting out of your comfort zone and being present with every lesson. 

According to Crista Gambrell, “No one wants to sign up for suffering.”

These are lessons I needed in my 20’s as I struggled with failed relationships. I will include the link below so you can learn more and purchase this book for yourself, or for someone who is struggling at this time.


Healing Through Movement: Getting Back Up After A Broken Heart by Crista Gambrell


What coping skills have you used to recover from a broken heart?