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3 Takeaways From BlogHer15

I apologize for the delayed post but Mrs. Focus On You is trying to remember what time zone she lives in as she sits to wrap up her weekend in New York!

As a newbie blogger and newbie participant at BlogHer15 I did my best to pre-plan, pre-schedule and dive into business mode while at the conference. There were so many breakout sessions, luncheons, sponsors and events to attend that I tried my best to take adequate notes and pictures…..mostly selfies!


BlogHer collage


I couldn’t share ALL the gems I received but here are 3 highlights that I want to share with you:

1. Writing is a safe way to ask for help

I attended a luncheon with Care To The People that examined storytelling, especially when  faced with chronic illness or mental illness. When you feel alone you should know that you always have your journal. I listened to inspiring writers who shared what they learned by exposing vulnerable parts of themselves through blogs and/or online journals. They realized they really weren’t alone and received comforting feedback. One of the beauties of technology is our ability to reach out further than before. We shouldn’t have to go through a diagnosis alone.  We shouldn’t have to go through any painful experiences alone. Isolation makes any situation worse.

2. Connect 1st and Educate Later

In social media circles, they emphasize the power of engagement.

In one of my sessions this was also encouraged. Build authentic relationships first. I loved meeting the ladies from the Levo League as we sat and talked about more than our businesses. I honestly failed to ask some important questions because we were talking about ourselves, our lives and what brought us here. I truly felt grateful in that moment in the suite because even though we just met we had so much in common (colleges, dogs, blogging experiences). Because I stayed in that moment I was able to meet more influential ladies that ventured in the lounge with us.

3. Magic Numbers based on Peg Fitzpatrick‘s session 

– On Instagram, the magic number of hashtags is 11.

– Build your Pinterest presence with at least 10 boards with 10 pins each.

– Stay active in Pinterest with 10-20 pins per day.

Peg had to zoom through all the main social media engines as she provided tips for branding and recommendations for who to follow. I wish this session would have been longer!

I won’t get into the amazing details from the closing party with McDonald’s, Boyz II Men and Nick Cannon! Let’s just say there were a lot of burgers, lemonades and dancing taking place! Thank you McDonald’s for the best parting gift ever – COFFEE!!!

Like many other bloggers out there I am waiting anxiously to hear about next year’s conference!


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  1. Hi we didn’t meet (I don’t think) but stoping by to read your update! I just put mine out last night. I dont think you’re late at all

    I learned a lot from the IG and Pinterest sessions too but my biggest take away is makings blog mobile friendly and the SEO changes made by Google

    • Hi Michelle!
      Thanks for stopping by to read my post! I think we all need a week off! lol
      Thank you for sharing what you learned as well. I heard from a few places that SEO doesn’t matter as much anymore. It doesn’t seem like bloggers are as concerned with SEO as before. Maybe it’s just me??
      Have a great weekend!

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