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20 Journal Prompts For Anger And Anxiety

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Regardless of your source of angst, writing is a safe and healthy way to process our emotions. Last week’s post focused on ways to diffuse anger and I mentioned the importance of editing what we write.

These journal prompts can help you specifically with feelings of anger and anxiety. Even if your anxiety attack has passed, it is good to process it verbally or on paper. Personally, my anxiety attacks hit me AFTER a stressful encounter or situation so I try to process my stress through writing.

  1. I can create good karma by……
  2. On days like this I prefer to be………
  3. One lesson I have learned by withholding my anger was….
  4. I’m glad I have these tools (______________) to help me when I’m feeling ___________.
  5. These social media friends understand how I feel: _____________________
  6. I need to avoid these people to keep me from feeling worse:
  7. I enjoy doing this (______________) when I’m feeling anxious.
  8. Last time I felt like this I did these things to feel better: ___________________
  9. I will call my therapist, mentor or sponsor on this day (____________) and ask that we focus on…………
  10. I will read these books or blogs that help me understand my feelings:
  11. Instead of feeling _________, I want to feel this ___________. A barrier that keeps me from feeling better is this: ___________. I will limit this barrier in my life by……
  12. When I isolate for too long………
  13. I can go to this safe and brave space………..
  14. I will no longer blame myself for……..
  15. I know I am stronger than this emotion because…………
  16. I need to focus on my goals again. I can do this today by………
  17. I need to let go of………….
  18. The songs that will calm my mood:
  19. Dear Anger, (describe what color your feeling is)
  20. Dear Anxiety, (describe what color your feeling is)

Wishing you peace and words that flow freely and without judgment!




  1. I like these ideas. Figuring out what’s really going on on a deeper level while in an anxious state can be so hard sometimes. I’ll give some of these prompts a try!

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